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Our top 3 picks from Elie Saab Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Couture Collection

You gorgeous bastard! 






April 12th &13th:

Big weekend this week. Bubba won the Masters, Manny won the boxing and our eyes won with this:

Wow, Rita was THAT thirsty eh?

This weekend also marked the kick off of Coachella. As you might have noticed in your Instagram feed, this giant astronaut sculpture is popular there. 

As if people weren’t high enough, you had to add this in the mix. How many “I’m higher than a satellite” jokes do you think these hipsters could think of? I say four.

There were tons of surprise, special guests like Gwen Stefani, Jay- Z, Puff Daddy and the Biebs.  

Solange even brought out her big sister Beyoncé on Saturday!

Coachella doesn’t seem so ironic anymore eh, there, hipsters?

This is a weird story, two people who have had plastic surgery to look like the real-life version of Barbie and Ken doll met each other this week. 

But “Ken” said, [Barbie is] a “cute girl,” but then compared her to a drag queen. And then said… ”that’s how I like my men…er, I mean, women. Ahem… Women. I like girls.”

Don’t worry Barbie, you can always hook up with real-life GI Joe. 

But wait! There’s more real-life Barbie news. ‘Human Barbie’ claims interracial couples are ‘making the human race uglier’. She has also previously claimed she is ‘not human’ and is capable of surviving on energy from the sun rather than food.

I sure hope someone makes a human-sized magnifying glass soon.

The Royal Couple are touring New Zealand and Australia this week. The couple did normal couple things like going out for dinner, meeting new people and yacht racing. Yeah, YACHT RACING.

I’ve never felt more like a peasant in my life.

And Prince Williams is always a gentlemen, he even held the umbrella for his wifey.


Sad news for pepper lovers, Sriracha hot sauce factory declared a public nuisance. The factory has ninety days to make changes to stop the odours caused from manufacturing.

If it closes down it wlll be good news for your ass,  it has been declaring it a nuisance for years now.

Last thing before I go, David Letterman announced that he will be retiring next year and will hand over the reins to the one and only Stephen Colbert. 

On a personal note, I have been trying to break in late night TV writing for years now. I’m honoured to say, out of all the late shows on the air Late Show with David Letterman is the only show that answered their phones when I cold-called them asking if they needed a PA or a writer’s assistant. They even sent me a submission release form for my writing. I will never forget that phone call or receiving a letter on the Late Show Letterhead in a Late Show envelope. I hope to one day finally get to live my dreams. 

For the glimmer of hope in tough industry to break into, I thank you Letterman and enjoy your retirement… well, in like, 6-8 months.

And to Colbert! I’m so excited you get to take over. I’m a fan already!

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The 3rd one especially.

The coercion it took to get this snapchat was well worth it!!! #goodnight #dogsofig #cute #snapchat #puppylove #doggystyle lol #thatlasthashagwasabitmuch 👻🐶💤😂


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you asked, we delivered.

gif made by gif-weenus in the tumblr war room!

OOOOOOooH That’s what happened. I blinked and missed it. I stabbed my eyes out for blinking when Zac was on my screen. Don’t you worry. 

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Nothing better than a Cat in a Phat. You know you love it.


Nothing better than a Cat in a Phat. You know you love it.


thanks, conan.


i would applaud myself too tbh